The future of the travel technologies.
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    The future of the

    travel technologies

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    International customers
    all around the world.
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    Advanced travel ERP solutions
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    Worldwide experienced
    travel solutions
We are a fully founded startup with the vision of changing the way tourism and business process of travel works to make your business life easier, faster and cheaper.
Young, talented and experienced developers and business analysts.

International customers all around the world; DMCs Tour Operators and Travel Agencies in 4 continents and 19 different countries.

The software that Mavi Zincir has developed for tour operators and agencies is designed as ERP (business processes management) systems.

Are you looking for a software solution for your company?

Mavi Zincir Inc. which was set up in Antalya in 2002 centered its entire research development infrastructure on tourism centered solutions. From the time of its establishment until now, there are unequally produced IBE, Channel Management Systems, GDS Connectivity, Reputation Management Tools and ERP (business processes management systems) solutions in our company geared towards Agency/Tour Operators.

The company, with the know-how it has created within its structure, has been producing high performance and real-time solutions concerning the matters like price distribution and current season profit-loss analysis for agencies and tour operators since the time it was established.

At present Mavi Zincir, with its GOWELLGO trade mark, is able to meet all the business procedures successfully from contracts to operations, from price distribution to 3rd party channels, accountancy integration to the agencies and tour operators that are operating at the different destinations like Malta, Italy, Egypt, Russia, Croatia, Asia, Greece, Tunisia, Dubai, Lebanon, Oman, Spain, Mexico, Cuba, Dominic Republic, Morocco etc…

The three determining factors in all the Mavi Zincir’s software processes and productions are; “sustainable technology, adaptation to global standards and research and development.”

“What technology shall offer us in the future and how this will affect tourism sector” have been constantly considered to be the most important focal point of our company and answers to questions related to current productions or the solutions planned for future are sought. Based on this, Mavi Zincir aims to offer its users the sustainable technology that shapes all its products pursuant to the needs and conditions that may develop in future.

All the products are company’s unique productions that are developed as a result of years of research and development. The research and development processes have been carried out in cooperation with the significant establishments like TUBITAK (the scientific and technological research council of Turkey) and solution partnerships were established, as integrator, with the worldwide giants of tourism and software like Pegasus Solution, Amadeus, Travelport, Galileo, Expedia, Rate Tiger, Fidelio, SAP etc. In the name of protection and application of the Global standards, we maintain active memberships with the independent global companies like HEDNA and OTA, which determine the standards of the companies that provide software services to companies in tourism sector allover the world.

“With all the know-how and investment, we designed suitable products that suit constantly changing and developing conditions of the tourism sector. For this purpose, instead of the developing software by adding patches, we created systems that are ready to meet the future needs of technology, and that can be re-designed in accordance with the structure of every operator/agency with all the current technology adaptable to the work conditions and business procedures of every user.

For the calendar of Mavi Zincir Company, the day we live in “today” is no longer a part of yesterday and the software systems that we have created to meet today’s conditions can meet only 50% of our expectations. We believe technology is the most significant factor that shapes tomorrow’s world and we, as Mavi Zincir, consider ourselves that we have fulfilled our responsibility if we offer solutions to our users, when necessary, by envisaging tomorrow’s world and its needs from today.

Our vision is not only to serve systems to users through sustainable development and research & development but to provide added value to business processes and work volume of our users through our systems.

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Company History
Mavi Zincir Inc., whose Head Office is in Antalya, meets the software needs of wide range of companies from on-line agencies to traditional tour operators as solution and technological partners.
Young and dynamic R&D, SOFTWARE and SUPPORT team experienced in software development, implementation and support Tour Operators , DMCs and travel agencies.

Peyman Gülfidan

Software Developer

Ayşe İyigün Molon

Business Analyst

Esra Kostak

Corporate Sales Assistant

Özlem Yıldız

Accounting Manager

Hamdi Ceylan

Software Developer

Nejat Devrim Kocaekiz

Software Developer

Mukaddes Binici

Office Service Assistant

Manage all business process with our Advanced Travel ERP Solutions

Our inventory system includes all possible products that you would like to sell to your customers.

Most powerful tool of our systems are contracting and price distribution tools with 17 different countries experience.

Our System offers you your own content management system and also gives options to get information with integration.

Our System offers you to manage your all business process under one unique system.

This is the most important tool to increase your sales, to get or distribute your prices fastest and easiest way.

We offer you optional solutions within different formats up to your needs.

  • Complex solution for automation of travel business processes based on the single platform

  • Third party systems integration

  • Unified connectivity gateway to turism products suppliers

  • Comprehensive inventory management

  • B2B sales via OTAs, tour operators, etc.

  • B2C sales via booking portals, mobile applications and social networks

  • Multi-language and multi-currency support

  • Intuitive user interface

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